Marketing & Human Resources


mhr1  Name: Chavan Snehal S. mhr2  Name:  Chogule Mahesh B.
 Qualification :  B. Com.      Age : 22  Qualification :  B. B. A.        Age : 22
 Summer Project :  A Study on Recruitment & Selection
Process with special reference to
Precision Camshafts Ltd., Solapur
 Summer Project :  A Study on distribution channel with special
referenceto LG  Electronic Ltd. in Solapur
 E-mail :  E-mail :  maheshchougule1234@gmail
mhr3  Name:  Devkar Varsha S. mhr4  Name:  Gaddam Shweta Y.
 Qualification :  B. A.           Age : 24  Qualification :  B. B. A.         Age : 21
 Summer Project  A Study on Market Potential for Amul Milk
Producs with special reference to Hotels in
Solapur City
 Summer Project :  A Study on Worker Satisfaction in K. Gaddam
Textile Industries Pvt. Ltd., Solapur
 E-mail :  E-mail :
mhr5  Name:  Jawalkote Omprakash C. mhr6  Name:  Jeurkar Pallavl R.
 Qualification :  B. B. A.        Age : 23  Qualification :  B. Com.        Age : 22
 Summer Project :  A Study on problems faced by Enterpreneurs
in MIDC,Akkalkot Road, Solapur
 Summer Project :  A Study on Recruitment &  Selection
Prooess with special reference to
Kirloskar Ferrous Ltd., Solapur
 E-mail :  E-mail :
mhr7  Name:  Katare Kritika K. mhr8  Name:  Lad Mlnakkslu M.
 Qualification :  B. C. A.       Age : 24  Qualification :  B. c. A.         Age : 24
 Summer Project :  A Study on Product of DBBack with
Positioning special reference to
Symphony Teleca ,Corporation Pune.
 Summer Project :  A Study on Training Needs
At Barshi Textile Mills,Barshi
 E-mail :  E-mail :
mhr9  Name:  Lawalie Laxman S. mhr10  Name:  Masalikar Lubana M. Gous
 Qualification :  B. C. A.        Age : 22  Qualification :  B. A.              Age : 25
 Summer Project :  A Study on Mutual Fund Investment
Preferences in Different Investor
Segments in Solapur City
 Summer Project :  A Study on Performance Appraisal System
in Laxmi Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.,Solapur
 E-mail :  E-mail :  lubana.m21@gmai|.com
1  Name:  Mhetre Lukash Y. 2  Name:  Singam Pallavi M.
 Qualification :  B. Sc.           Age: 23  Qualification :  B. C. A.           Age : 23
  Summer Project :  A Study on Consumer Perception
towards promotional activitie  of
Organised  Retail.
  Summer Project :  A Study on Impact of Sales promotion
on Consumer Behaviour with special
Tata Gold reference to Plus, Solapur
 E-mail :  E-mail :  singam.pallavi74@gmail.cum
3  Name:   Tamshetti Satish S. 4  Name:  Yemul Rupa L.
 Qualification :   B. B. A.         Age: 24  Qualification :   B. B. A.         Age: 24
  Summer Project :   A Study on Customer Satisfaction
towards Uninor Telecommunications
in  Solapur City
  Summer Project :  A Study on Market   Penetration
of Mblaze Datacard in Solapur City
 E-mail :  E-mail :
mhr1 (4)  Name :  Mirje Yashashree P mhr1 (5)  Name :  Pujari Pandurang S.
 Qualification :  B. C. S.         Age: 22  Qualification :  B. A.              Age : 26
  Summer Project :  A Study on Effectiveness of
H.R. Pmctioes undermken in Precision
Qmshafls Ltd.,Solapur
  Summer Project :  A Study on Causes of Absenteeism
of Workers at Bhima Cooperative
Sugar Industry, Takli Sikander.
 E-mail :  E-mail :
7  Name :   Yannam Gajanan D. 8  Name :   Bableshwar Manjunath S.
 Qualification :    B. B. A.       Age: 22  Qualification :  B. B. A.         Age: 22
  Summer Project :  A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards
Hyundai iZ0 with special reference to Rahul
  Summer Project :  A Study on the Distribution Channel of
Kingfisher Bottled Water‘ with reference
to Iceberg Food Ltd., Pune
 E-mail :  E-mail :
9  Name :  Bansode Milind R. 10  Name :  Dumane Trupti A.
 Qualification :  B. B. A.       Age: 21  Qualification :  B. C. A.           Age : 23
  Summer Project :  A Study on customer satisfaction
towards Hotel City Park
  Summer Project :  A Study on Training & Development
Program with special reference to
S. S. Engineers, Pune
 E-mail :  E-mail :
mhr2  Name :  Goli Pooja S. mhr2 (1)  Name :  Hadpad Manjushri I.
 Qualification :  B. C. A.       Age : 21  Qualification :  B. B. A.          Age : 24
 Summer Project :  A study on Worker Absenteeism
reference to Goli Textiles,with special
 Summer Project :  A Study on Traning B1Development
activities with reference to Precision
Camshafs Ltd.,Solapur.
 E-mail :  E-mail :
mhr2 (2)  Name :  Injamuri Annapurna K. mhr2 (3)  Name :  Kamnknt Rohanraj V. I
 Qualification :  B. C. A.      Age : 23  Qualification :  B. C. S.          Age : 23
 Summer Project :  A Study on Benchmarking Exercise in Sales
Promotional & Business Developmental
method of Kiezen Honda Solapur city.
 Summer Project :  A study on consumer buying
behavior with reference to
Haier’s Refrigerator.
 E-mail :  E-mail :
mhr2 (4)   Name :  Gidadkar Pmvin V. mhr2 (5)   Name :  Patane Siddheshvvar S. I
 Qualification :  B. A.           Age : 26  Qualification :  B. A.              Age : 23
 Summer Project :  A Study on Performance Appraisal
System with reference to Tulsi
Casting Machining Limited, Sangli.
 Summer Project :  A study on Recruitment and
selection Procss in Smruthi
Organizs Ltd.,Solapur.
 E-mail :  E-mail :  sarthak.patane@gmai|.com
mhr2 (6)   Name :  Rede Sonali D. mhr2 (7)   Name :  Shankur Jyoti N.
 Qualification :  B. Sc.         Age : 23  Qualification : B. A.               Age: 30
 Summer Project :  A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards
Himalaya Skin (‘are Produds with special
reference to Women Segmentation
 Summer Project :  A Study on Health B1 Safety
Provisions at Precision
Camshafls Ltd.,Solapur
 E-mail :  E-mail :  shankur]’
mhr2 (8)   Name :  Sutar Sneha S. mhr2 (9)   Name :  Thorat Shweta S.
 Qualification :  B. C. A.       Age : 21  Qualification :  B. B. A.          Age : 24
 Summer Project :  A Study on Youth Perception
towards Advertisements in
Solapur City
 Summer Project :  A Study on Youth perception
towards Social Media
 E-mail :  E-mail :
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