SAPDJ Pathashala’s

“Towards the end of 19th Century in India, to confront the challenges posed by a new era with a view to pursue rejuvenation various movements were initiated. The year 1885 had a unique historical importance. It was during this time that religious, ethical, educational and cultural needs of the society were realized and thus in 1885 Shri Aillak Pannalal Digamber Jain Pathshala was established in Solapur City. Though the institution aimed at imparting religious education, it was backed up by a strong inspiration of promoting national exhortation and national welfare. And hence a broad vision and non-communal motto ‘Shikshan Hach Dharma’ meaning ‘Education is Religion’ was sculpted.

“The concept of ‘Jain Gurukul’ inceptionized by Param Pujya Gurudev Samantabhadra Maharaj revolutionized the educational aspect of the Jain community. Educational institutions were duly established chronologically in the following year, 1918- Karanja, 1934- Bahubali, 1940- Solapur.

“The Walchand Industrial Group was one of the few conglomerates of the country that brought glory to the pre-independent India by pioneering in industrialization. The founding father of the Walchand Family Late Seth Hirachand Nemchand Doshi also served as the Trustee of the institution. Today measuring the expansion and excellence of this educational institution, the visionary perception of the pioneers cannot be overlooked.

“Gyana(Knowledge), Sheel(Mortality), Prem(Love), Seva(Service) and Vyavastha(Management) are the blissful virtues on which the life of Gurukul is humbly based.

“The institution primarily thrives on patriotism, religious devotion and individual well being. Hence Jain Gurukul is not only a boon to the Jain community but it proved to be a pilgrimage centre for the entire society.

Board of Trustee

Sr.No. Name of the Trustee Designation
1 Shriman Arvind Raoji Doshi Chairman
2 Dr. Ranjeet Hiralal Gandhi Trustee – Secretary
3 Shri. Bhushan Vilas Shah Trustee – Treasurer
4 Shri. Pritam Arvind Doshi Trustee
5 Shri. Prithviraj Hiralal Gandhi Trustee
6 Shri. Shreyans Suhas Shah Trustee
7 Shri. Vaibhav Ranjeet Gandhi Trustee
8 Shri. Parag Arvind Shah Trustee
9 Mrs. Priyadarshni Chandranil Jaderiya Trustee
10 Shri.Brijesh Ranjeet Gandhi Trustee
11 Adv. Surel Sunil Shah Trustee
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