Career Guidance Cell

Career Guidance cell provides guidance to students constructing their career goal. Different training programmes are organized to bridge the gap between Academics
and Corporate World and to bring rationality in the career Objective.


Students are guided to opt for appropriate specialization in MBA II, based on their Graduation Base, Interest, Skills and Competency. Right Specialization helps
to match students’ credentials to the employers’ needs.

Mock Interview:

Mock interviews are arranged for the students of MBA I in order to orient the students for the actual Jobs. Similarly students from MBA II attend the Mock Interview
before every company approaches the premise for actual placements. It is a simulation based training of an actual Job. Mock interview provides a platform to
practice an Interview and receive feedback. It helps students to answer difficult questions, develop certain interview strategies and techniques, improve the soft
skills and overcome stress.

Sessions on Career Guidance:

Guest lectures are arranged for the students to get guidance from the experts to set the career as well as know the career growth and opportunities in different
areas of specialization namely in the field of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, International Business, Information Systems, etc.

Pre-Placement Talks:

College coordinates with the companies to arrange a pre-placement talk with the students in order to meet and learn more about the potential candidates
as well as introduce their company, their policies, rules and regulations. It helps students to get acquaint with the company and get familiar with its norms.

Mock Interview-1 Mock Interview-2 Pre-Placement Talk by SBI Life Insurance
Mock Interview Mock Interview Pre-Placement Talk by SBI Life Insurance
Session on Career Guidance (Management Careers in Politics) by Mr. Lal. MITSOG, Pune
Session on Career Guidance (Management Careers
in Politics) by Mr. Lal. MITSOG, Pune
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